Snell Publishers

Independent e-publishers of fantasy, self-help and travel poetry

Snell Publishers at its inception is responsible for three main genres:

• Fantasy: set around a hero’s journey as he seeks an answer
• Self-help: empowering families and groups of individuals to find the freedom to help themselves
• Poetry: particularly travel poems set in Canada, India and Britain



Children, Families and Separation

By Susanna Ford

Drawing on years of research with self-help groups for separating people, Susannah Ford explores relationships and questions assumptions about families. Using stories from real-life people in real-life dilemmas, she describes some of the steps of change and challenge during and after separation, especially those involving children. Chapters include:

Three Things Not to Do
Six Guiding Principles
Three Kinds of Forgiveness
Two Kinds of Custody Arrangement
Five Golden Rules
Four Kinds of Stepfamily
Three Kinds of Family Type in History
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Canada Liminal
By Lynne Pearl
This is the story of homelessness, crossing continents and wandering in search of a place to stay where friends will take you in and what one sees on the way. Beginning in Ottawa, travelling Quebec and New Brunswick, arriving in England to a Devon landscape, moving through fall, winter and spring.

Influenced by Kerouac, himself a Quebecois, this is a story in verse, a travelogue crossing continents, boarding greyhound buses, a journal of travels over a period of two years, writing poetry on the run, place by place. This a story of how one leaves and where one goes.
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Thiel book 2: Remaining Still
By Lynne Pearl
Thiel finds himself in a new community that is self-founding, a collection of those who have run from society, unwanted, feared and fearing, needing to find themselves and survive alone, scapegoats from their homelands, but together finding their feet over time.

They trade and pursue a way of life that is both ancient and very modern, asking their questions together. Here Thiel, the outcast, meets:
Mr Endicott and Mr Dickens, store keepers
Achern, Thiel's teacher
Rurn, the village leader
Achern’s noble dog

Leaving his silence behind, Thiel is apprenticed to ancient ways.
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