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Easter Procession

Here we have a procession for Good Friday.  There’s a cast of actors, maybe twenty or thirty, some professional, some amateurs.  We have a Jesus, Judas, the High Priest, Pilate, the Three Wise Men and a donkey too, that Jesus rides into the cathedral, up the central nave at the beginning of the story.  The found spaces for the re- enactments of the gospel story are inside the cathedral, the shopping precint, Princesshay, the High Street and the cathedral green. 

There’s a stage company, with the tech-ing equipment, period costumes (such as armour for Roman soldiers) and a couple of thousand people who live here who become the audience as they walk from scene to scene, both inside and outside as they sing and worship.
It’s sunny and after singing and walking the High Street, and watching the story re- enacted, we are given hot cross buns to eat outside the cathedral after Jesus has ridden the donkey back inside the great arch of the front of the cathedral until Easter Sunday morning.