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Dawlish Continued

Continuing on the sea wall at Dawlish which one can walk even at high tide though you do have to time the waves just right so that you don’t get a splashing, the trains , sneak up on you in your quiet walk by the sea, and descend on you at an excess of 100 miles an hour and are here and gone in the wink of an eye, reminding one of Robert Louis Stevensons ‘faster than fairies…’

Theres a sign that says ‘ No dogs May 1 to Sep 30’ so if you are dog you are now out of luck on Dawlish beach, though it is a wonderful dog paradise the rest of the year and the really enthused ones, like labs and retrievers do silly things like drink sea water (accidentally) and feel very ill afterwards but victorious. (see silly videos).

There’s one solitary cormorant on his red stone outcrop. He’s fishing or at least might be fishing but he looks good there in matte black plummage in the sun.
At Coryton Cove the beach huts have GONE. The only testament to the storm damage, their peach coloured doors sadly missed and there’s a hole in the pavement, and cracked concrete left to show where they were and one or two alone are left.

Boys are skipping stones. Coryton’s good for that. Last of all the beach café is nothing but a burnt pile of rubble. It says in the local paper all their equipment’s gone and that’s the end of the business. Bankruptcy even. When did that happen? We don’t know. Just count your blessings in the meantime.