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The Secret of Life

From Totnes, S Devon

I found this framed message in a charity shop in Totnes. It was in a shop in the High Street on the left as you go under the clock tower at the top of the street. The path it sits on links the castle and the walls of the old city. I looked underneath a rack of clothes, and inside a plastic box of pictures there was a message, for me I thought. Set inside the flowered surround and decorative swirls was a message with the title, ‘The Secret of Life’. I moved the frame further forward and crouched down in order to read the secret of life as found in a shop late in the evening in Totnes and it said:


Take time to Think, It is the source of Power.
Take time to Play. It is the secret of perpetual Youth.
Take time to be Friendly. It is the road to Happiness.
Take time to Work. It is the price of Success.
Take time to Pray. It is the greatest power on Earth.
Take time to Love and be Loved.
It is the way of God.
So I bought the picture frame and the message in it. It sits in my crowded bedroom, perched on the dressing table waiting for a time when I have somewhere to hang it. But then maybe it’s just fine on the dressing table where it is because then every morning I can see it and I don’t walk by it unseeing.

The message seems pretty simple. The trick is to take time. The thing is not to dash. Creation is happening, Gods’ love is happening, it’s just a switch and it’s there. Accept and then there it is, like in the garden at St Ives. (See Feb. blog)