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Exmouth Festival: 25th -30th May

In the triangle at the centre of Exmouth there are sea shanties being sung to rows of red and blue striped deckchairs arranged in front of a stage. Further on there are morris dancers, firstly those in black, with top hats and blacked out faces, then there’s the traditional morris dancers walking the streets in white shirts and trousers, floral or plain waistcoats, red hankies and bells from knee to ankle that sound as they walk . This is celebrating Devons heritage and is a day of traditional fare so there are shanty men in costume and (a few women) so there’s music everywhere, whether for the ceilidh, the sea shanties or the morris dances.


Theres seagull committee
Outside the window
Having a jaw
Before the day begins
They complete their song
Of herald to the Dawn
Imploring food
Calling it in as theirs
(Can we do that?)


The drawers in my room
Have a life of their own
Signalling time to go
When to get dressed
And when it’s time for breakfast
In this hotel on the seafront
With its feet in the sea
And surrounded bywater
On three sides
At the point where
Saltwater meets river
And a miracle of nutrients are provided
For us to eat mussels
Grown deep in the sea
And shipped to the cities
For us to eat delicacies.
Did we thank the river for its job
In feeding us?

The seagulls
(Outside the six am window)
Say wake up’
You should, you should!
Be grateful
(Over and over) they chorus.


Acrid smoke
Of passerby
Rain shower halt
Under concrete overhang
A breath
And move on
As rain socks in
Summer becomes autumn
In a moment
By the seaside.