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Dawlish part 2

The Dawlish Alternate Line (DAL) has been suggested since 1935. I looked at my Dad’s old ordnance survey map (1966) which had the disused railways marked on it and there I found the signs of a route that had existed many years ago. From Exeter to Ide, Dunsford, Doddiscombsleigh, Chudleigh, Chudleigh Knighton, Kingsteignston to Newton Abbot. So this is not a new idea and there is an alternate line.

Here is another poem for Dawlish, my favourite platform which has its feet in the sea and pigeons roosting under the platform decking cooing at the passengers and looking out at the sea from their nests warm from the station.


Look at you
Doing it again
Making me love
Yesterday foaming, raging

Waves the height of houses
This morning docile, sweet
Meek as any dove
Tamed, but now we know the power
That moves over the waters.

And another one for the Hole in the Wall café just down the line on the sea wall that is now missing a section since Wednesday night:

Brave little red cliff café
A hole in the wall of the cliff
At Dawlish Warren

Clings Cliffside
In December winds, chill, overcoat
Red flag flying

In the lee of the cliff
And three cormorants hang out
On the sea stack at Dawlish

Mad black Labrador
Runs delirious, happy
In waves December, Teignmouth

Watched by owner/master
And red umbrella shelters
Blue-mac’d family

Gran’fer, small children
From winter rain
By grey sea

And Teign estuary
Sluggish, icy, still
Smoke on green hill bonfire

Fisher boats turquoise
Hang limp, two,
And sand piper digs deep in Exe mud.