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Asleep on the Sea Front

I walked along the sea wall at Dawlish, the first time since the winter storms ate some of it, a giant’s bite into the Victorian sea wall that had up till then carried the Frist Great Western train line direct into the heart of the West country. It’s been fixed, thanks to 300 Network Rail engineers who came to stay in Dawlish, which must have had a bit of a shock because the usual trade is tourists who come to eat ice creams, whelks on the sea front and coffee and teacakes and of course fish and chips on the beach looking at the sea side! Accompanied by hungry sea gulls.

Strikes me the sea doesn’t mind whether you fix the sea wall or not. Now it’s a good day of sun and calm. The sea laps innocently, flat on the red sand as if to say not me, I don’t make 30 foot waves! Trains run every few minutes on top of that sea wall. Engineers are fixing the plataform and the station which were in a delightful state of disrepair. Rust from the sea and a feeling of unchangingness and why would we change?

There’s a network rail man or two about, standing looking at the sea, with their clipboard as if to say, if I do this, will the sea co operate or will it not? There was even mention of only having two hours which is probably the time that there is between tides when the engineers can get down on their cages to plug weaknesses in the wall. Slap says the sea. Let’s rattle the metal cage so they can’t do it or will think again. The network engineers move off. Not really motivated anyway because its warm and sunny and calm.


We want to be close
To the coast again
To lies near, to hear your song,
To rest in your arms
In the peace of your sand and pebbles
Adrift in the warmth of a gentle sun
And a sea breeze that moves,
Moves over our skin
And have our fears washed away
Our fears of your anger
And your strength
To know we are loved like a child
Provided for:-
Safe from the storms of the world

You are a refuge
And like a naughty child
We are so glad you are at peace again
So our hearts can sleep easy
In our beds again.