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Oxford Town: May 2016

It must be warmer here and the leaves come earlier. The second surprise is the shape of the hills, they are slow and gently undulating with long low liens and trees with large nests, like a rookery. Why are there tufts of trees on the tops of the hills. Do they serve a purpose? And for good measure there is a third surprise, a cliff and it is white not the red sandstone of the Jurassic coast.

The local village church is square shaped, no spire or a tall tower. Then comes a river and a pill box, the remains of some WW2 defence. And as the train draws into Oxford there big box stores. There are some beautiful sites, an ancient church door and Tom tower. This is the city that author Elizabeth Goudge wrote of as ‘the dreaming spires’ and it is a city of spires and they do seem to dream away into the distance. She knew of what she wrote as she lived in Oxford while her father was professor of religion.