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Cath's art show

Cath’s art show is over now but it was fun getting it up. Cath had a show of her paintings, mostly landscapes at the ‘Boston Tea Party’ in Queen Street. She chose what was to go up. As the space has very high ceilings and is large with long benches and tables, she chose mostly the biggest canvases she had. It took two takes to do this. First there was a visit to her studio at Bickleigh Mill, (which is constantly in fear of flooding at this time of year, though this year the River Exe has been kind to Cath’s art. Last year it got a bath of liquid chocolate mud from the river flood.

So the first stage of the process was that Cath chose what she wanted and we loaded it into her small car, stacking it into the back seat. A couple of days later we went to the ‘Tea Party’ one rainy Sunday night to hang the exhibit. We were given about an hour to hang the pictures. A lanky friend of Cath’s appeared, we were supplied with a very large ladder to lean against a wall to get the pictures up, mostly with fishing twine and luck. Due to the friend’s skill with rigging fishing twine the pictures were up within the hour, and looked fine!

We came back the following week when I was the designated photographer. During open hours I took pictures of the art in situ while customers drank cups of tea and coffee amidst the camera flashes.

Hey art!

Cath’s pictures will be up on this website soon for you to see.