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I wrote this poem a year ago before the line at Dawlish was battered by the storms yesterday that took away the train line and some of the platform with it. I think this is the best platform in the world; where else would you wait for your train on a platform that is half in the sea and half out and on stormy days watch the waves crash over the line ahead of you and sit of dream of the sea.


Best platform
In the world is
Number One, Dawlish,
Where one hears the splash of the waves,
The fall of the rain on
The corrugated plastic roof
And sea water gets into the
Electrical works of
Sleek new age
Cross country trains
Which splutter and stall.
And messages hail the
Empty station and remind
Seagulls and guillemots
To not smoke on the station premises.
Platform One, the closest
To the deep, transcendent.