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On the death of his beloved Grandmother, Narn, Thiel leaves home with his sole companion, a dog, to find his secret inheritance. Unable to read, mostly inarticulate and considered of little use, he carries Narn’s letter to a lawyer in an overpopulated city. Given a key to Rushes, Narn’s original home, he travels to Minark finding an abandoned child on his way.


A story of courage, of loyal animals, a loving grandmother, a death, a mourning, a secret inheritance, a dysfunctional family, a running away, a secret past, a mystery child, and most centrally a young hero's journey into a far off country to find his true spiritual home.

All on the backdrop of a civilisation that challenges and creates outcasts, that threatens a way of life of traditional people. Go to a landscape at once beautiful, free and welcoming...the journey begins...

Get to know 'Thiel' the lost and challenged adolescent hero. And travel with him on his way.
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Coming soon: Thiel, Book 2: Remaining Still

Thiel finds himself in a new community that is self-founding, a collection of those who have run from society, unwanted, feared and fearing, needing to find themselves and survive alone, scapegoats from their homelands, but together finding their feet over time.